Death Warmed Up. Film still, 1984. Director: David Blyth, writers: David Blyth and Michael Heath, producer: The Tucker Production Company. Image courtesy of Michael Heath.

Max Towle

Max Towle - The schlocky and the gory and the cult

On Tuesday, 22 people will cram into a small room with the best view in Wellington to watch a film called This Giant Papier-Mâché Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy.

Last week, the Te Whare Hēra Gallery on Clyde Quay Wharf screened Gaylene Preston’s Mr Wrong. Last month it was David Blyth’s Death Warmed Up.

The series, celebrating New Zealand’s cult B movie past, is the brainchild of French artist Soraya Rhofir, Massey University’s international artist in residence.

“I wanted to learn about this country by watching its B movies,” she explains…

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