Louise Herve and Chloē Maillet, 2016, Initialise the Model, performance, Matiu/Somes Island.

Te Whare Hēra Internships

Te Whare Hēra offers an internship programme which provides an opportunity to gain experience and practice working alongside artists and visual arts professionals. Te Whare Hēra internships will see you working with contemporary artists and/or in an arts administration role, through self-directed inquiry and collaboration as appropriate.

Current Te Whare Hēra Internship opportunities

Student volunteers to assist with upcoming residency project

Our first artist in residence for 2020, Hoël Duret from France, is looking for 5-10 students to assist him with his residency project. Please see more details below.

DROP OUT (working title), a new video work by Hoël Duret

I’m Hoël Duret, a French visual artist and Te Whare Hēra artist in residence between January-May 2020. During my stay in Wellington I intend to develop a video work which will be exhibited in Germany in June 2020.

The entire project is about plants, plant intelligence and artificial intelligence. The video will take influence from scifi and is placed in New Zealand after a mysterious worldwide ecological crisis. Its only visible effect is a change of the color of daylight. Its causes are unknown but they have something to do with the acceleration of the capitalist world. To avoid the harmful effects of the light, a group of wealthy people flew to New Zealand to hide in the 5 stars bunkers they had built years ago.
The video will follow a group of young people who are trying to understand the situation through higher perspectives on ecology and ethic distribution of wealth. They’ll end up discovering the similarities within plant neurology and Artificial Intelligence and face the question of ‘should we act for ecology or should we rely on the progress of science to resolve it?’ I am currently writing a loose script but want to keep the final dialogue open to people’s perspectives on ecology and social order.

I am looking for 5 to 10 students to assist with following aspects of the project:

  • people with sincere concerns and opinions about the film’s topics to help me with writing the dialogues
  • actors (no disturbing scenes will be made): acting skills are not required but you have to feel confident in front of a camera
  • technical help with filming and video editing
  • people interest in costum design and making are welcome

To read more about me and my work, please visit my website.
Feel free to contact me at hoel.duret@gmail.com for any further questions.

Hoël Duret

Images Intership

We are looking for an intern who is confident in processing and editing a diverse range of archived imagery in Photoshop or Lightroom. This position requires someone who is efficient and able to work independently, as well as with others. Photo editing skills are essential for this internship.

Interns and volunteers

We are always looking for interns and volunteers to work with us to deliver our innovative programme and to assist our artists. If you are interested in these opportunities please contact the Te Whare Hēra residency administrator for more information.